AMPLI-Calf StarterAmp-Calf

AMPLI-Calf® is a combination of unique, proprietary ingredients, including a natural palatability enhancer, an immune modulating compound, a prebiotic dietary fiber that maintains lower gut health and a unique source of fiber for better digestion.

AMPLI-Calf® Starters for ages 3 days to 12 weeks get calves started on a healthy growth program. AMPLI-Calf® Grower continues this outstanding growth in calves when they reach 12 weeks and until 24 weeks, providing them with the proper balance of nutrition and rumen development they need to become a cow with more profit potential.

purina milk replacers 100Nurse Chow #100 Milk Replacers

– 20% all-milk proteins from highly digestible sources.

– 21% fat to provide added energy.

– Research has shown NUTRIPLEX, a unique blend of botanical ingredients, enhances feed efficiency and average daily gain in pre-weaned calves.

– Natural-source vitamin E and organic selenium supplies a highly bioavailable antioxidant combination to support immune system function.

Maxi Balance® Plus Maxi- Balance

Maxi Balance® Plus features the new Amino Acid Advantage™, a highly digestible blend of proteins, including primarily milk protein, vegetable protein, and functional protein sources. It is supplemented with a specific amino acid profile matching a 25% all-milk formula, and includes complex carbohydrate Beta glucan.

Conerstone Warm Front

Conerstone Warm Front

Seasonal milk replacer formulations with the weather in mind.

WarmFront™ formulas are designed with a unique combination of carbohydrates that are correctly balanced for when temperatures moderate.

Conerstone Cold FrontConerstone Cold Front

Developed to deliver optimal combinations of protein, energy and technologies, Cornerstone® ColdFront™ calf milk replacer is a unique formulation of the same great Cornerstone® that set a higher nutrition standard, now with an optimal balance of fat and carbohydrates to provide both higher energy and more quickly mobilized energy sources.

The addition of L-carnitine enhances fatty acid oxidation, thus increasing the ability of calves to better tolerate cold stress.
For best results, Cornerstone® ColdFront™ calf milk replacer should be transitioned into the calf feeding program 2 to 3 weeks prior to cool weather to help protect the calf before the cold weather arrives.

Jersey Blend milkJersey Blend

– Patented combination of all-milk proteins, fat and complex carbohydrates

– These complex carbohydrates include psyllium and Inulin

LAND O LAKES® Electrolyte Complete

prevents and treats scours, dehydration, and loss of electrolytes in one, easy-to-use package. Designed to provide calves nutritional support during disease challenges and periods of stress, Electrolyte Complete replaces electrolytes and improves nutrition and dehydration status. Unlike many other electrolyte products on the market, LAND O LAKES® Electrolyte Complete does not contain direct-fed microbials which can lead to d-lactic acidosis.